My Journey Begins

welcome-text-animation-over-bokeh-background_r7aij_yx__F0006.pngThis is my very first blog post, I’m no expert so bear with me here. I kind of want to use this blog as a diary, even if no one reads it, XD. To begin on this journey I will write about myself and my current interests. I like Warrior cats and have a bad obsession with Darktail, leader of the Kin. I also like animes like FairyTail, Fruit Basket, Sword Art Online, Sailor Moon, etc. I’m learning how to draw, and play the guitar. I’m a slow learner though. VERY slow. Never the less I’m working hard on it. I am the oldest of four. I have two sisters and one out of control brother, and then my mother and father. My sister’s code names will be CooCooClock and Princess. My brother will be LegoMonster. When I was little I liked to sing. Sometimes I still do, but I usually prefer just listening to music. I like to listen to Switchfoot, and sometimes Disney songs like the greatest Showman or even Mary Poppins. LOL. I am extremely open to any other music, in almost any other style though. My bestie is an incredible, talented girl. Her code name will be … Susan! That’s a name she likes. I like it to. It’s so pretty. If anyone named Susan reads this blog, I like your name! I’m such a weirdo. I also like to read and would be happy to read, and review almost anything someone suggests! Especially fantasy! I’m a fantasy gal.


Hi I’m New Here

As a new blogger, I don’t exactly know what I’m doing, so any tips, tricks, and gentle criticizing are welcome. I thank anyone who ever reads this a thousand times over.

“The Sound Of Starbucks” Tim Hawkins

I just heard “The Sound Of Starbucks” for the fifth time today. It totally brightened up the a….sad incident with a random story generator. More on that later, anyway, I thought, if I have any readers (maybe a friend or two) especially readers who have not heard this song yet, they need to. So, yes, I am blogging about this. And everyone searches Tim Hawkins and Starbucks on word press right? Some readers? That’s just me? OK. Anyway, watch the video above (taken from timhawkinscomedy on Youtube who I am subscribed to) if you want to find out what the tragedy was that happened at Starbucks.


Screenshot 2018-10-24 at 12.10.48 PM

Inktober 2018


I have started a bit late but I’m doing Inktober this year! It is really fun! I urge others to try it, even if they’re starting late like me. I asked my bestie, Susan, why she liked Inktober, she said, “I don’t have to think as hard for ideas and it’s interesting to HAVE to make a full piece every day.” I’d also point people to try Goretober. Goretober is fun.

5 Perfect Gift Ideas For A Teen


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These will not be ordered by what gift is best/worst because I personally think these are all great gift ideas, and plus, everyone has different tastes. I also tried to put gifts that will be appreciated by both genders, so I didn’t say “make-up” or anything like that, but in the future, I might do another top five or ten gifts for a teen with specific genders. OK, so let’s begin!

Puzzles/Fidget Toys: I think puzzles and fidget toys are excellent gifts! They are time-passing, satisfying, often colorful, and fun, they just seem to be a gift to make almost anyone smile.

T-shirts: Now I know not everyone is a t-shirt-and-jeans person, but for a lot of people t-shirts are the perfect gift. Whether it’s a humorous t-shirt, a cute one, or any other kind, I believe that t-shirts deserve a place on this list.

Bean-Bag Chair: I have a bean-bag chair and I could just sit in it all day long, it is comfy, colorful, cheery, all I look for in a chair. LOL. Now for some people, a bean-bag chair may be uncomfortable, and an awful gift, but at the same time I thought it was an exceptional part of this account.

Books/Movies: Books are a great gift for a lot of people, but if your friend isn’t much of a bookworm, she is likely to appreciate a popular movie.

Chocolate/Licorice/Candy: Whether it’s chocolate, licorice, or something else, most people have a favorite candy that they would appreciate as a gift.

And if all else fails, perhaps your friend is a shopping person, and you can simply buy them a gift card. Whether it’s to Starbucks, some other restaurant, Amazon, Walmart, or some other store, I’m sure they’ll appreciate your thinking of them.

So that’s it I hope you liked this Top-Five list, see you around!



So far in my journey, I have learned a lot from a few different sources. One of the best, and most influential has been Learn2DrawManga. Learn2DrawManga is a Youtuber who’s sole purpose on her channel is to help others to learn how to draw. She helps you whether you are making your art digitally, or on paper. She seems to read my mind, having videos on everything I struggle with. She is also an inspiration to my art. Perhaps she won’t be inspiring to you (depending on your style) but she has helped me a lot as a beginner. I have taken the video above from her channel. Check her out, she’s really awesome!